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And see just how much fat, sugar,
and calories you can save!
I believe everyone deserves chocolate cake! That’s why I never leave out my easy-to-make, Unbelievable Chocolate Cake — now topped with chocolate whipped cream frosting! It has less than one-third of the calories, carbs, and fat, and a mere fraction of the sugar — but all the great taste — of traditional chocolate cake.
Famous for her amazing reduced-sugar and sugar-free desserts Marlene offers up three entire chapters of brand-new desserts and sweet treats (plus an entire chapter devoted to luscious smoothies and shakes).
High calorie restaurant favorites, done light — done right! With all the great taste and a fraction of the sugar, fat, calories, or cost, these great healthy recipes are sure to please. Marlene’s stunning Dare to Compare comparisons will show you just how much you save!
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Marlene knows most “diet” and diabetic recipes lack the taste, texture, and portion size to truly satisfy. That’s why she created Eat What You Love for her family, and yours. With truly delicious, satisfying recipes, Eat What You Love is perfect companion for any diet, or no diet at all!

You’ll get a guide to essential ingredients, loads of fun and informative healthy cooking tips and tricks, and valuable information on nutrition, meal planning, and diabetes. Complete nutritional analysis with every recipe, including grams of sugar, carb choices, diabetic exchanges, and weight watcher point comparisons.